Peak Oil

A concept originally explored by Dr. Hubbert in the 1950s, Peak Oil refers to the now well observed phenomenon that when a given oil field is approximately half depleted it’s production value peaks, and then declines. Usually when someone talks about Peak Oil they mean the Global Oil Peak, when the production value of all the oil wells as a whole in the world peak.

Oily Cassandra

This is Oily Cassandra’s first video primer on Peak Oil. She is dedicated to “education by any means necessary.” Enjoy, but gentlemen, try to pay attention. It is hosted on YouTube.

Peak Oil – Visually Explained

This video is a basic primer on Peak Oil, without all the talking heads. It is hosted on YouTube.

Peak Oil Propaganda

This video is arguing against Peak Oil. The counter argument does include several logical fallacies, we leave the details as a discussion topic. The video is hosted on YouTube.

Dr. Hirsch Discusses Peak Oil on NBC

Dr. Hirsch, the principle investigator of the famed Hirsch Report, is interviewed on NBC. The video is hosted on YouTube.

Peak Oil Debunked In 4 Minutes

We at Aftermath are not sure if this is supposed to be satire or if it simply is satire. It is hosted on YouTube.

The Oil Factor Part 1 of 4

The Oil Factor Part 2 of 4

The Oil Factor Part 3 of 4

The Oil Factor Part 4 of 4

This is a series from, “The Oil Factor.” They are hosted on YouTube. Parts two, three, and four start the same way but are in fact different.

Black October

A one-minute video showing a submarine on maneuvers in the Gulf of Mexico. It is hosted on YouTube.

Oil Country

A video asking one simple question: how much warning do we really need? It is hosted on YouTube.



  1. July 12, 2006 at 3:06 pm

    […] The past few months I have had the pleasure of talking with many interesting, and intelligent individuals. One of those occurred at a wedding that I attended. Overhearing the phrase peak-oil caused me to rush over and initiate a conversation full of collapse scenarios, possible solutions, and tribal ventures. At the Maps Meet that Ben and I attended, talking of such things as peak-oil caused very few people to blink in confusion as to what peak-oil is. There, too, talks of the future of oil and other issues that may cause the crash occurred. Another interesting conversation that occurred happened at my grandfather’s house during a visit I made. The group of us are going primitive/back-country camping next week. The mention of the coming trip brought on questions to me about my “primitive experiences.” Apparently I am the expert of the family in that regard, which does not surprise me, but the fact that my family wishes to go primitive certainly does. This conversation turned to the collapse of civilization, also something that surprises me. I would have categorized my family as the “technology will save us” grouping, though apparently this is changing as civilization does. My mention of peak-oil was greeted with knowledge of the situation and understanding of what it means, no additional explanation required. […]

  2. Trevor said,

    June 10, 2012 at 11:26 pm

    as a realist, who is slightly pessimistic, I mainly believe that in the next 5-10 years we will be either in the midst of world war 3 over phosphorous and oil and of course fresh water and if we haven’t already, will collapse soon. But, also as a realist i must acknowledge the faint chance that a trace of society and order may live on, and we will just experience a slow downward spiral of our society where people mainly do what they want but there is some infastructure and government left, but mainley people are growing food in their yards and almost no one drives. either way, the world is about to change, because energy is no longer free and abundant. learn how to grow food, collect water, and how to harness solar energy (passive solar systems) like lighting, drying clothes, heating, and slightly more advanced, cooking. ways to mitigate pressure on you as an individual or family in the years to come are to only wash clothes in cold, get LED or CFLs, TURN OFF THE LIGHTS, start a garden of at least 50 square feet or like 2 meters by 2 meters ( sorry don’t know metric, stupid american). open windows for cooling, and bike/ walk instead of drive, because petrol ( as you silly non americans say) or gasoline is going to be expensive.

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