Not really on topic, but amusing and timely anyway. Enjoy and remember not to take too seriously, after all they don’t. I mean, they couldn’t, right?

Steven Colbert

His now infamous speech at the White House Correspondent’s dinner. Yes, it did actually happen. Yes, he did say those things three chairs down from the president. No, the person who invited him has not yet been located. It is hosted on Google Video and is free to watch.

Have We Seen This Before

Another video from Mumia Abu-Jamal, a deathrow inmate and activist. The video is quite graphic and uses footage taken by allied troops in 1945. It is not recommended viewing for children or those about to eat dinner. The validity of his point is opinion for now. It is hosted for free on Google Video and is free to watch.

The Silliest Interview Ever on FOX News?

I usually don’t express opinions about multimedia we link here, but I can so relate to this guy. I was required to do assignments in college classes, too. Otherwise I would fail. I didn’t even like all of them! It is hosted on YouTube.

AL GORE: Global Warming Testimony @ Congress 3.21.07

One of Al Gore’s many attempts to get the US Congress to do something about Climate Change. It is hosted YouTube.


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