New Multimedia Added: “None Like it Hot!”

Once again, here we are with new multimedia to share. Like so many before this one, it is located in the Climate Change section. That particular section, at the moment, happens to be the largest in our multimedia page. Global Warming seems to be the phrase of the year!


– Miranda Vivian


New Multimedia Added

As promised, we have added new Multimedia! Included in this update are several poignant videos on Climate change and Peak Oil, both of which have become increasingly mainstream, as well as videos in Gaia and Deforestation. Also included is a link to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Eco-site and his videos, one of which is based on Thom Hartmann’s book, Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.

-Miranda Vivian

Coming Soon!

The summer for us has been filled with trips, practical skills workshops, community, and the everyday work of trying to keep a roof over our heads as well as food in our stomachs. We have found it hard throughout the summer to write articles on a regular basis, though we certainly have tried.

In the weeks, and in few cases months, to come, there will be quite a bit of activity going on with Aftermath.

What to look for:

Increased Multimedia: Currently we are going through a list of multimedia selections to add onto our Multimedia page. New multimedia should make an appearance within a week.

More Practical Skills: As our practical skills knowledge increases, so will our Practical Skills section. Look for continued discussion on the Maps Meet and what information we learned. Also look for articles dealing with practical skills learned at Earth Connection in Virginia.

Schools for Primitive Learning: Look for an increase in the amount of schools listed in our Schools for Primitive Learning section. This increase in schools will include overseas schools as well as new schools in Canada and the United States

Community: Without going into too much detail, the past two weeks in particular have been fruitful on the subject of communities after the crash. Look for articles on the nature of community and our personal experiences.

Reading Material: I couldn’t write this article without mentioning what has taken up much of our time. The writing of books. Both Ben and myself have been working on works of non-fiction throughout much of the summer. We plan to publish them with Lulu within the next few months. Look for our announcements of, “It’s finally published!”

Special Articles: The series of “The Crash” and “Methods of Freedom” will continue to grow as more articles are written. Also, look for a new series on Primitive Living and Women.

Beyond these things, there are a few ideas being tossed around for new features on the site. Hopefully we can announce something soon on that!

-Miranda Vivian

New Multimedia Added: Peak Oil and Climate Change

As promised and planned, this is our announcement of changes that have been made within the site.

This time we are happy to announce several new videos within the Climate Change category, one of which is on the opposing view point! Two more videos have also been added to the Peak Oil category, one of which was initially aired in 1977!

As always, if you know of any videos or have anything you would like to see here, send us an email at

– Miranda Vivian

Practical Skills: Something New

Our plan is to update this site frequently with new skills that are practical, such as fire building or soap making.

You can find linked in one convenient place every post we have made dealing with these Practical Skills. You may find the link to this site on our sidebar, located under Pages.

Anything you wish to learn how to do? E-mail us at

– Miranda Vivian

New Multimedia Added

In order to facilitate your use of our features, which currently include a listing of primitive technology schools sub-divided by region and an increasing amount of multimedia for your enjoyment and sharing, we will announce when new things are added.

This announcement is to inform our readers that we have added many new videos dealing with Climate Change for your viewing pleasure and a new political cartoon dealing with the Water Wars. As always, spread the word, and if you have any multimedia we do not have up here that you would like to see added send us an email at

-Benjamin Shender