West Coast Schools

These are the schools that are located in the West Coast states and regions.

Earthwalk Northwest

Located in Issaquah, Washington, Earthwalk focuses on primitive skills in an environment that students feel safe and successful in.

Example Course: Primitive Spear Fishing – In this course students learn ancient techniques and make their own fish spears and arrows. Instruction on water stalking, preserving the catch by drying and smoking, and additional methods of fishing, will be included.

School of Self Reliance

Located in Eagle Rock, California, this school’s main focus deals with hands-on experiences that emphasizes skill development.

Example Course: Special Classes – offered at various times throughout the year, classes will include topics such as solar cookers, capotes, and primitive weapons, and weaving sandals with plant fibers.

Wilderness Awareness School

Located in Duvall, Washington, this school focuses on reawakening its students to the deep awareness of the natural world.

Example Course: Spirit Tracking and Animal Forms – Following the proverb, ” to track the animals you must become the animal,” this course is designed to do just that with development of a relationship with the animal that borders on a mystical experience.


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  1. July 17, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    Hi, wanted to say thanks for posting a very informative site. Wanted to suggest some updates: at Wilderness Awareness School, we haven’t offered “Spirit Tracking and Animal Forms” in a while, we’re on to different things–Art of Mentoring which explores culture and what elements we need to reclaim and develop to have a more ecologically and humanely sensible culture, and generally, we’re now emphasizing longer, more immersion-based educational experiences for youth and adults. Also, the west coast has some other noteworthy schools doing relevant stuff: TrackersNW in Portland OR and Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness (RDNA) program in the California Bay Area both come to mind. Thanks, I’m looking forward to exploring this site more.


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