Deforestation is when a large portion of a forest is cut down. This leads to many local ecological problems, and to global ones. This not only includes oxygen content, but also a reduction in the Earth’s ability to filter carbon out of the atmosphere and it also significantly alters the water table in the region, making long term farming difficult.

The Fence

A poster from Daniel Quinn’s New Tribal Ventures. It offers an too-true to be amusing picture of civilization’s expansion to date. It is available for sale.

Stop Deforestation

A quick little protest of the current deforestation trends. Note that profanity is used, if this offends you, do not watch this video. It is hosted on YouTube.

Deforestation in West Africa

A map showing the difference between 1955 and 1988 in the forests of West Africa. From UNEP.

The Amazon – Gone Within Our Children’s Lifetimes?

This video briefly discusses the current situation in the Amazon Rainforest and why it is the concern of every thing on the planet that breathes. It is hosted on YouTube.


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  1. August 7, 2007 at 7:06 pm

    Well done!!!
    Good Work…
    For a uk take on N.V.D.A. at home and abroad tackling rain forest destruction and general anti capitalism visit our myspace… pics and vids, and links to loads of Tasmanian sites and youtube vids of cool climbing footage in THE TALLEST HARDWOOD ON THE PLANET!!! See it B4 it’s too late…
    write a letter, contribute to the NVDA, or get out there and help… It’s time FOR ACTION!!!

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