Peak Oil and the Mainstream

While on vacation at the sandy beach, something struck me suddenly. I had been noticing it for a while, but as with anything else, things can be shown to you for a while before you finally see the whole picture.

We sat down to watch a show on television. Commercials were shown, of course. A while back I had decided to count how many commercials that I heard, generally on the radio, that had to do with gas prices. “Buy this car, it will increase your mileage. Less gas to buy!” “Buy now and receive free gas until 2007!” “Frustrated with high gas prices? Bring your car in for a tune-up and get better mileage!” After a few weeks I stopped counting. There were simply too many. After a while I stopped paying attention. Suddenly $2.85 a gallon started to look good. Well, during a commercial break I noticed that 4 commercials were shown in a row dealing with gas prices, directly and indirectly. There it was. It was the seeing the whole picture moment.

The past few months I have had the pleasure of talking with many interesting, and intelligent individuals. One of those occurred at a wedding that I attended. Overhearing the phrase peak-oil caused me to rush over and initiate a conversation full of collapse scenarios, possible solutions, and tribal ventures. At the Maps Meet that Ben and I attended, talking of such things as peak-oil caused very few people to blink in confusion as to what peak-oil is. There, too, talks of the future of oil and other issues that may cause the crash occurred. Another interesting conversation that occurred happened at my grandfather’s house during a visit I made. The group of us are going primitive/back-country camping next week. The mention of the coming trip brought on questions to me about my “primitive experiences.” Apparently I am the expert of the family in that regard, which does not surprise me, but the fact that my family wishes to go primitive certainly does. This conversation turned to the collapse of civilization, also something that surprises me. I would have categorized my family as the “technology will save us” grouping, though apparently this is changing as civilization does. My mention of peak-oil was greeted with knowledge of the situation and understanding of what it means, no additional explanation required.

It would seem to me that peak-oil is something that is understood even by the most unlikely of people. What does this mean? Well, my friends, I do believe that peak-oil has gone mainstream! How long till more people understand the water wars? Water shortages? Global Warming? How long until they put the puzzle together and realize what these all mean to civilization combined?

-Miranda Vivian


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