Surviving the First Week: Spring and Fall

If you can beat the heat of summer and you can survive the cold of winter, odds are in your favor for surviving the trials that come with fall and spring.

Weather during this time will be unpredictable. From cold and rainy, to sunny and snowy, to a nice calm day. You never really know what you are going to get. It wont take long, though, to learn to decipher the signs and read the weather. Until then however, you have this!

First off, stay away from the cities. I know you saw that one coming. Unless the cities are already abandoned they will not be safe. If you really want to salvage things, do it later!

Second is water. You cannot survive without it. You’ll want to stay near it. Be prepared for others staying near it as well. Learn how to find it and purify it.

Food! You are in luck as far as spring goes. Just like summer there will be plenty of insects for the picking. If you know how to hunt, kudos to you! Bees will (hopefully) be around. Apparently they remind people that eat them of popcorn, though I’m thinking it would be incredibly time consuming to remove all stingers and wings. However, there is the honey to consider. Many plants will be growing up around this time, such as Dandelions. You may be hungry, but you wont be starving to death. In the fall before the snow hits there will still be plenty of plants around. Dandelion leaves, wood sorrel, plantain. They will all be there, but not as easily noticeable. Look to the trees during this time of the year. You know what will be there? Apples! There are no poisonous apples, except in fairy tales. Remember that the may-apple is not actually an apple. Do not eat it! Of course, there will be pine as well.


I’ve noticed that even in the middle of spring, there are dried leaves on the forest ground. These leaves provide for excellent insulation against the cold. Debris huts are not difficult to make. Basically it is made by building a semi-sleeping bag out of sticks and leaves. Bottom line, if it keeps you warm and dry, it really is okay to be creative. Don’t underestimate the shelter of the trees above you either. If you don’t get wet and it is not too cold, the trees provide for an excellent shelter.


You’ve probably already read “Surviving the First Week: Winter.” If so, then you probably already read some ways of keeping warm in the winter. Fire is the big one. If you can manage it, build two fires. Set yourself up between the two fires and you will stay extra warm. Remember insulation. Stuff leaves in your clothing. It may just keep you alive.

Now you’ve survived in the wild in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. What’s next? Well, I am assuming that you want to live longer than that, so check back soon to read tips on how to survive the month.

– Miranda Vivian


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