Multimedia and Schools: An Expansion

Notice anything new?

Our amount of Multimedia has nearly tripled in size within the past few weeks. To make it easier for you, the people, we have moved things around, tweaked, and categorized the multimedia into sections.

Those sections are:

Climate Change, Culture, Deforestation, Gaia, Overpopulation, Peak Oil, Politics, Skills, Sustainability, and Water Wars.

What else is new? Our goal at Aftermath was to move beyond talk, and work on the practical, mainly, what can we do to survive, and hope for the future. Our new section, Schools for Primitive Learning, focuses on survival. How will we survive long-term? On this page, you'll find links to workshops and classes across the country that teach these much needed skills of survival.

Our goal, after all, is for hope.

Miranda Vivian


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