I Have Learned

I may be young, but age does not dictate knowledge.  I’ve learned quite a bit in my time here and more yet to learn, obviously.  
So what do I know?  
What have I learned?  

I have learned that you do not have to take a shower or a bath to be clean.  I’ve learned that the “dirty” feeling I have after not showering for a day or two is a cultural reaction, rather than actually being dirty.  I’ve learned that the more frequently you shower, the more you mess up the chemical balances of your hair and body.  

I’ve learned that an apple will give me much more energy than a bowl of pasta could ever hope to.  I’ve learned that an apple tastes better too, once the cravings for grain go away.  

I’ve learned to listen to my body, listen to what it tells me.  I’ve learned to recognize when an illness is upon me.  

I’ve learned to look at the sky, smell the air, feel the temperature changes and know when it is about to rain.  I can know when I wake up in the morning if it is likely to rain that day.  

I have learned that as much as we complain about loved ones, when they are gone, the pain is enough to make one wish to die.

I’ve learned that colonizing other planets is not a solution for the damage we have done to this one.  If we can not take care of one, why would we even deserve a shot at another?  

I’ve learned that even though practically everyone is aware of the damage wrought upon Earth, very few are willing to stand up against it, to say, “Stop, haven’t we done enough?”

I’ve learned that if we continue on the path we are on, we are heading for mass civilizational collapse.  With this comes pain for all.  No one will be unaffected.  Even those that manage to survive will feel the pain of loved ones lost.  I’ve learned that no matter how much compassion we may have, it will not change the overall outcome.  I’ve learned to accept that.  

I’ve learned that it’s hard for me to trust.  I’ve learned that when I do, that person is absolutely worth it.  I’ve learned that when I trust, I trust with my whole being.  
I’ve learned that families are not necessarily blood relatives.  Families do not have to be biological.  

I’ve learned that people tend to have blinders up when it comes to their surroundings.  How is it possible to miss a sunset so beautiful?  

I’ve learned that I never feel so rested as I do after a night spent camping.  

I’ve learned that it’s not the food that is locked up away from us, it’s our eyes deceiving us.  There is food all around, ready for the taking.  I’ve learned to take off the blinders and see what is around.  

I’ve learned that life is good, that life is worth it, that there are hard moments in life, but it’s those happy, joyful, pure moments that make all the rest worth it.
I’ve learned that I want to learn more, want to live more, want to live life fully, and that no matter what anyone else says, I can and I will, and this is no way makes me a bad person.

I’ve learned to look back on hurtful things in life and smile at the knowledge gained.  

I’ve learned to forgive.
Never to forget though, never forget.  

I’ve learned that day by day I become more who I would want to be.

Miranda Vivian


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