On Paleo-Miranda’s Experience

The Paleo diet certainly worked wonders for me. Meat, Fruits, and Vegetables, and as much of it as you want.

I began the diet after a bad bought of bronchitis. I had no health insurance and someone suggested a cleansing diet, which was surprisingly similar to Paleo, to stave off future illnesses. It was while on this diet that I met Ben, who told me all about the Paleo diet. It didn’t take long for me to love the diet, what with the 20 pound weight loss, a size smaller pants, and a medical problem I had since the age of 15 going away, all within the first month. Not to mention that my energy level was at a high I had not felt since childhood.

Occasionally I would “cheat” on foods like a bag of chips or a piece of cake. Let me tell you, it’s hard to stay on a diet like this when you are the girl that had hearts coming out of her eyes at the very sight of bread, or so the family teases me about. Each time I cheated, the pain was enough to make me say, “I’m never eating again!” That foolish resolve never lasted long, of course. Through all of this, though, my diet remained Paleo style. With not much money and little time to cook, sandwich meat and little pepperoni slices would be the snack of choice.

When I moved to Frostburg, a mountainous region, I was surprised at how quickly I adjusted to the altitude. I walk everyday to and from where I need to go. Not exactly short distances, I have to say. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point I stopped eating Paleo style and switched over to straight Paleo. I even gave up eating pepperoni slices! A smart move, as my energy is even higher now and the weight loss is picking up again. It’s disappointing in some ways though. Now, when I eat out, I have to have salad or fruit. Anything else tends to create massive stomach aches. Food additives perhaps?

I recently went to give blood. I’ve tried to before, but each time they did the iron testing of the blood, it would float near the top, indicating low iron of the blood or anemia. This time, however, the blood dropped all the way down, indicating good levels of iron. Coincidentally, this was the first time I tried to give blood since beginning this diet, and the only time I’ve actually been deemed “healthy” enough. I’d say it’s fairly obvious that this diet has definite health benefits, aside from the weight loss.

The Paleolithic Diet. Eat the foods you were designed to eat. Want to try?

-Miranda Vivian



  1. Eli said,

    April 22, 2006 at 1:36 am

    that’s interesting. i’ve heard of this diet before, but it certainly didn’t involve any meat. is it organic? raw? how much meat do you eat? are you mainly eating fruits and veggies?

  2. Aftermath said,

    April 22, 2006 at 7:56 am

    I personally eat more fruits than anything else as that is the cheapest things available to me.
    I can always tell when my body calls out for more meat, though. One of the perks of this diet is that you can feel your body talking to you much better.
    This diet definitely involves the eating of meat. Organic is preferable, but given things like budgets, not strictly neccesary. I know I’ll eat organic whenever I can.
    – Miranda Vivian

  3. Aftermath said,

    April 22, 2006 at 3:59 pm

    If anyone wants more information on the Paleo diet, http://www.paleodiet.com has links and information that should be helpful.

    -Miranda Vivian

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